Why are there so many different casino game variants?

You may have noticed a big change to the casino game market in recent years – some of your favourite casino classics such as Raging Rhino Slot have had all sorts of changes made to them which has resulted in new variants of the game.

From our perspective, this is only a good thing – but it’s certainly all a bit confusing. Why are there so many different casino game variants, and why are they a good thing? Read on to find out!

Types of casino game variants

There are so many different types of variants that it’s worth starting by sorting them into groups. Variants are likely to fall in one of the following categories:

–          International variants

–          Rule-based variants

–          Technology-based variants

The most common of these are international variants – a classic example is Blackjack, it has a ‘classic’ American variant, along with a UK version. The differences are pretty small, with the core rules of the game remaining the same. Other variants have slightly bigger changes – for example that of Speed Bingo. Speed Bingo is very much like your classic game of 90 Ball bingo, but games only last around 3 minutes! As you can imagine this changes quite a lot about the game – there are less numbers to aim for, your card is smaller, and most importantly the game is quicker! Finally, you have technology-based variants – these will rely on some form of technological innovation to provide variety to a classic game. The best example in our opinion is live casino games – take your favourite online casino game, and add HD Video streaming into the equation. You have a real host to play with, and a live chat room to enjoy! Brilliant. Not only there are a lot of different games, but there are also a lot of casinos as well. Go here to know which of the online casinos you could use.

So what is the point in all these variants?

At the end of the day, us humans love variety. Of course, many of us prefer to stick to what we know and play classic versions of our favourite games. However, an equally large percentage of us like to push the envelope a little and try new things. It’s also worth mentioning that casino game variants encourage healthy competition between casinos. Examples of how these offers benefit casinos include:

–          New additions of casino game variants keep regular customers interested

–          New variants may provide opportunities for new players to enjoy, where initially their niche casino needs weren’t catered for

–          Allows casinos to keep up with competition between other companies

Ultimately, it’s all about content. With online casinos booming more than ever, it’s super important that sites are packed full of not just the classic game for old-school gamblers, but also obscure game variants for the new generation of gamblers.

Variety Casinos

Overall, the key reason for there being so many variants of classic casino games is simply variety and competition. The more different types of games that exist means a broader audience that can enjoy said games. This helps the casinos keep up with an ever-growing competitive industry. Most importantly, it means that us casino game fans are never stuck with something new to try – personally, we couldn’t wish for anything more!


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