Why Printed Business Stationery Is Still Essential

Businesses today are working to increase their profits by trimming costs and improving operational efficiency where possible. For many businesses, the first place they look for cost savings is in printed products. Traditionally, printed business stationery would feature a logo and contact information, as well as other specifics such as letterhead and business cards. Even though most of these items can be replaced with electronic versions, printed business stationery still has many key benefits. In fact, in most industries, printed business stationery will remain the norm for decades to come. In this piece, we will review some of the key benefits that printed business stationery continues to provide.

1) Electronic Versions Require Updating Frequently

Electronic versions of business stationery may seem like a great idea at first glance, but in reality, they can create more work for a business. For example, if a logo is changed on an electronic version, it must be updated everywhere it appears across all media types and digital assets. In contrast, when a logo is changed on printed business stationery, this change can be made once and includes all relevant items such as letterhead and business cards. Additionally, when using electronic versions of documents such as letterhead or business cards in their digital forms for social media updates or email signature links, these need to remain current, or they can come off as stale or outdated.

2) Enhances The Brand Image

Businesses are often judged on their appearance, and this includes not only their physical building but also their printed materials. When a company does not have current printed business stationery, it might be perceived as being less professional or even defunct. In contrast, when a company has excellent branding with modern logo design, up to date information, and clean layouts that reflect the type of work that is conducted through printouts such as letterhead or business cards, perceptions of these entities can become even more favorable than if using electronic versions alone.

3) Provides Value To The Customer

Printed materials provide more value for customers than electronic copies. For example, customers can use printed business cards to store contact information for follow-up purposes or keep letterhead on hand to forward written communications. Customers find value within these items, and they are often more likely to hold onto printed business stationery longer than electronic versions, which will ultimately result in less waste from your company.

When it comes to the types of business stationery to use, printed options still provide value and benefits that electronic versions cannot. Electronic copies do allow for more flexibility and convenience, but at the same time, they also require ongoing maintenance and updating that can end up costing businesses much more than if using printed materials instead.

4) Increase Employee Productivity

Printed business stationery is more efficient than electronic versions of the same information. This means that employees will spend less time looking for necessary information and have more opportunities to be productive with this saved time. Due to these benefits, printed business stationery continues to be essential for many businesses in most industries. Also, printed stationery is an excellent marketing tool that can help your business build a strong brand image.

5) Makes a Company More Environmentally Friendly

Finally, printed business stationery is better for the environment. If a company uses printed materials such as letterhead and business cards instead of electronic versions of these items, it will be able to reduce its carbon footprint, which is extremely important from an ecological perspective. When you consider that most businesses service at least some local customers or clients within their community, it might also increase your standing within the community if you are seen as being environmentally conscious by opting to print rather than send information electronically.

In conclusion, printed business stationery is still essential in modern-day business culture. Even with the advent of technology, there are so many reasons why printed business stationery is still relevant and helpful to businesses large and small. There are many benefits to using printed business stationery rather than electronic versions of these items. For more information on how to print quality materials that represent your company well, contact a graphic designer for assistance.

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