Why Sharing Large Files Online Is Easier Than Ever Now

Over the past few years, a growing number of companies have become dependent upon new technologies for communication and data sharing. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the ability for team members to stay in contact over great distances presented innovative opportunities for businesses to reach project goals with a faster turnaround time. In the face of contactless communication and social distancing, today’s options for data and file sharing have changed the game and allowed many organizations to thrive.

For many companies, these new innovations in data sharing represent the future of modern workflow. Thanks to options such as Onedrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, and WeTransfer, free accounts can offer cloud storage and sharing of zip files and upload folders. However, file size and data security remain crucial considerations for secure data sharing. Here, we will look at those options, as well as why sharing large files through cloud storage services is easier than ever.

The Benefits of Online File Sharing

No matter the industry, secure communication is the key to project turnaround and seamless workflow. Whether you’re a business owner or an office manager responsible for the sharing of sensitive data, today’s corporate landscape requires remote options for your team. As mentioned above, many online service providers offer free accounts for data sharing linked to a basic email address. However, your email provider may have a size limit regarding larger files and attachments. Likewise, some lack the necessary password protection for sensitive data. Luckily, cloud storage providers have continued to refine their security protocols and file transfer protocol permissions. While this makes sharing large files online safer than ever before, the size of the files may still be an issue. For example, when those share files contain large videos or other multimedia elements, low bandwidth can slow down progress. The best way to save time and money is to explore cost-efficient options for cloud storage designed for greater volume that can handle data size unavailable with a free version linked to your company’s email account.

Over the past few years, remote workflow has become more than a basic convenience. In effect, the option to conduct day-to-day business tasks from home has become a necessity for safety and security. A professional cloud storage service that can handle the larger file size limit for your upload files can give your organization flexibility and virtual expansion.

Aspera is a software solution that reliably and securely transports huge files and data sets at maximum speeds over long distances by utilizing all available bandwidth.

Consumer vs. Professional Data Sharing

If you’re a member of the business community, odds are that you’re already familiar with the free version of file sharing linked to your email account. While you and your team members may use those free cloud service solutions on a regular basis, problems may arise when you need to compress a large attachment for a fast turnaround. In order to create a safe workaround for this issue, a professional data-sharing solution may be needed.

When considering the simplicity of modern online file sharing, it’s equally important to consider the safety and security measures taken by the cloud service provider you choose. The best way to select the option that’s right for your business is to consider the size of the files you need to share and the delicacy of the information itself. If you work in any financial industry where customer and client information is required for transactions, Dropbox and We Transfer are among the many service providers who offer licensing for advanced encryption and larger maximum file size abilities. These elements are not only important for the security of your clients but also for the seamless convenience of your team. With the popularity of remote working and virtual office solutions rising, having a communal file-sharing account for your company can enable your team members to complete their unique tasks with no loss of quality or turnaround time.


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