Why You Should Consider Switching to a VoIP Home Phone 

Thinking of ditching your landline? You may consider switching to a VoIP Home Phone if you still want friends and family to be able to reach you, but don’t want to pay the high monthly costs of maintaining a landline. VoIP Systems are commonly used by businesses because they offer advanced features that are great for streamlining communications. But anyone with an internet connection can benefit from the exciting features that these systems offer. Here is a look at why you should consider switching to a VoIP Home Phone if you’re not happy with your current provider.

What is a VoIP Home Phone? 

Voice over Internet Protocol – or VoIP is a type of communication technology that allows you to make phone calls on the internet, rather than use a traditional phone line. .Although the technology is commonly used by businesses, it can be useful to anyone with an internet connection — which, today, is the majority of homes. VoIP lines are typically more cost-effective than landlines and require far less in terms of set-up and installation. This is the biggest advantage of VoIP for those looking to get rid of a costly landline.

What are the Best Features of a VoIP Home Phone? 

Another reason to switch is that VoIP home phones offer a variety of useful features that can save you time and energy. From voicemail routing to always reject lists, VoIP systems use artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies to help you sift through the calls you want and those that you’d rather avoid. If there is a number, you know you don’t want to hear from, add it to the always reject list and your system will reject it automatically. Likewise, if you’d rather send certain calls directly to voicemail, you can do so with voicemail rerouting. This could be a particular group of callers — such as those with no caller ID or 800 numbers — or you could set it up to redirect calls before or after a certain time.

Virtual phone numbers are another common feature includes with a VoIP Home phone. This refers to a second phone number that you can add to your mainline but manage separately. So, you could set up one number just for close friends and family and have a second line for everyone else, or one for personal communications and more formal communications. The sky is the limit with a VoIP home phone. If you are unsatisfied with your landline but still want a line other than your cellphone, you should consider making the switch.

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