Why You Should Use Text to Voice Technology (TTS) to make Your Online App Look Better

People today have become highly selective about the websites they choose to surf, as most of them are flooded with unwanted content. Websites should have useful and updated content which should be easily accessible to provide all visitors a choice to experience online surfing in any way they want on multiple devices. Text-to-speech is an innovative technology that addresses these issues in simple and affordable ways. With TTS solutions, websites, apps, eBooks, e-learning tools, and online documents can select their own voice. Here are a few reasons why websites, apps, and blogs should use text to speech with their online content:

  1. Expand your content’s reach: Text-to-Speech technology offers global access to your content, especially to those suffering from learning abilities, literacy issues, poor vision, or trying to learn a new language can benefit from it. It also opens doors to those who don’t want to read content online.
  2. Accessibility is significant: Around 15 to 20% of the total world population is suffering from the problem of language-based learning issues. Around 14% of adults in the United States are illiterate and some only have limited reading abilities. So, if you make your online content audible, it will help this population understand the text better. The text is read and highlighted together so that the reader can follow along.
  3. A lot of elderly people now rely on technology: From 2015 to 2020, the population above 60 years and over will rise from 901 million to 1.4 billion, showing a rise of 56%. In the United States itself, around 59% of senior citizens use the internet every day. Having access to digital content in different forms creates a better user experience.
  4. Higher autonomy for online content owners: Most people think text-to-speech technology needs manual download. Sometimes it does, but you have web-based forms or SaaS, which can generate audios instantly and as you update content, your audio version gets updated automatically.
  5. People are getting mobile and looking for better convenience: More and more people are spending a big share of their time online, and the demand for connected devices rises globally. The text-to-speech app can convert any digital content into multimedia and help people listen to blogs, articles, PDF documents, and eBooks, even while they’re on the go.

Using the best text-to-speech app will give you an amazing experience. Meaningful technology can change lives and helps you do the same. It is an easy to use TTS platform to help you generate audio of the blogs and content of your website. You can select from more than 570+ AI voices in more than 60 languages to expand your reach. Once you are satisfied with the trial version, you can proceed with the paid ones.

Wouldn’t you want this benefit for your digital content? It is simple and accessible for individuals, companies, businesses, NPOs, and everyone else.

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