Will NPXS Explode in 2025?

NPXS, or Pundi coin, runs on the native Pundi X Chain. The project aims to make cryptocurrency accessible to anybody in the world. Therefore, Pundi coin offers the following solutions to facilitate the payments and provide access to crypto-funds to anybody:

  • XPASS card – it allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrency with a single swipe.
  • Integration for mobile payments: digital wallets enable purchases and sales of Pundi coins effortlessly. 
  • Support of fiat funds: fiat funds are supported in any location.

Even though the project might have been innovative earlier, now, it cannot be classified among the most promising crypto projects. So, let us have a closer look at NPXS coin and see whether it is worth investing or it is better to refrain from spending your funds on this coin.

Price Forecast

For now, let’s see what specialists say about the Pundi coin and its perspectives for the future. Do not forget though that cryptocurrency is an asset investing in which is pretty risky. Its price fluctuates a lot and drastically, the legislation about cryptocurrency changes constantly, and the situation with crypto is pretty vague. Though coins supporting the projects that offer something new have good perspectives and are growing in value consistently and constantly. 

At the moment of writing, at the end of February 2022, the NPXS price is 0.004 USD, and it has been dropping recently. Even though the situation doesn’t look very optimistic, the forecasts are promising. Whether to trust them or not, it is up to you.

So, some sources forecast the coin price to grow rapidly. By the end of 2031, it is expected to reach the value of 44 USD per one coin, and further, the perspectives are even brighter. Do we believe in it? Well, judging from the fact that many more promising coins are dropping in value, we do not see any reasons for NPXS to be growing. 

Let’s check what more reliable sources forecast.

Based on the forecast from Walletinvestor, NPXSis going to fluctuate severely within the entire 2022. Its value will be dropping and rising within the range of below 1 up to 2 USD. It is not expected to grow though too high, at least not above 2 USD per token. Only in 2023, we can expect the stabilization and the steady token growth to start. However, steady growth doesn’t mean rapid growth – the coin is expected to grow slowly but steadily. Walletinvestor doesn’t move too far with the forecast, they give their assessment for 2 years only.

We would agree that even though NPXS looks like a project to last, it doesn’t bring anything exceptional to the cryptocurrency world. Therefore, the coin value might grow but this growth will be slow and, most likely, far from being consistent. 

Therefore, we would invest in it only if we have some free funds. Otherwise, there are plenty of much more promising projects out there. Some projects have already made their investors millionaires, and there are some coins that are still cheap but they are being talked about a lot, and their prices grow consistently. These networks are worth your special attention.

Bottom Line

Regarding other coins, you can check information online. Those that are worth investing will be among the top on Coinmarketcap, and some reviews are available in LetsExchange blog and in analytics. You can follow all the price changes of the coin on and in other relevant posts. 

Along with the mentioned coin, there are plenty of interesting projects that are being used increasingly in the real world. They already deliver value, and they are worth your attention, indeed.

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