With so many gaming mouse brands, how do I choose?

A quick guide to breakdown some of the more popular brands.

With so many different brands, it is hard to keep track of who is doing what. Each brand has a wide range of different mice and it’s very difficult to find the right mouse for your needs. So it becomes a mess of who does what. We aim to help educate with some of the note-worthy companies that you should keep an eye out for. We have also included some popular products so that you can get a sample of what they are offering.


One of the top manufacturers of PC components and accessories, Corsair have designed their mice to be a bit heavier than their other counterparts. They have an overall larger shape, which is more suitable to people with medium to large hands. Devices you should look into are the Scimitar, Harpoon, and Sabre.


Logitech is the name synonymous with affordable. Their product line is generally more inexpensive but they don’t lose out on quality. Would recommend their mice for anyone who wants a mouse that can compete with more expensive brands, and not break the bank. They also excel at wireless mice and have made large movements forward in that category. Popular Logitech mice are the G502, G203, and the G Pro Wireless.


The most notable on the list for their constant strides on improving their mice. Razer has advanced mice that are coupled with an intuitive software to adjust the hardware to your own personal taste. They are the iconic gamer brand for PC and notable for their Chroma enabled products, which allow you to further customize the look of your devices. Notable devices include Orbweaver, Naga Trinity, and DeathAdder.


Designed with a competitive edge from the ground up, SteelSeries targets the professional esports players. The mice are incredibly quick and responsive and suit a variety of hand sizes. They are for people who want consistent and high quality performances out of their devices. Recommended SteelSeries mice are the Sensei Ten, Rival 310, Aerox 3.


Known more for their motherboard brand and notebooks, ASUS has moved into the mouse scene and created some incredibly strong contenders. Their switches and clicks are tactile and quiet and they are easy to open and change components in. They are also known for their ambidextrous mice, which means the lefties out there have some high quality mice as well. Recommended products are the ROG Keris, ROG Strix and ROG Chakram.


The newest company on the list, Glorious has made waves with their honeycomb styled mice. They are sleek mice that are incredibly light, but do not lose out on quality. Ideal for gamers who want to have quicker flicks without much resistance. We suggest you check out the Glorious Model O and Model D. 

Final Thoughts

Gaming is a vast world with many brand ecosystems. If you find a particular gaming mouse brand you like, check out some of their other peripherals. But don’t feel like you are married to a brand, you can mix and match different brands even if they aren’t compatible with your software like Razer Synapse. Happy gaming and I hope we have helped you understand which brands are what today.


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