Words and Phrases that IELTS Candidates need to stop saying right now

All set to hit 7+ or 8+ bands in IELTS? If yes, then you should consider this article before sitting for the exam. Do you know there are some words and phrases every candidate should avoid if they want to see the expected band scores? Most of the candidates are even unfamiliar with such words. That’s what we are going to share with the help of this article. See, IELTS examiner is a well-trained professional and experienced in their respective area. You can’t fool them by memorizing some common words or phrases. Therefore, we always recommend our readers to write or speak to-the-point answers. 


If you are new to the course then let me tell you the IELTS is the English language test that is essential to crack to migrate foreign land for a job or study. The top countries like Australia, Canada, the USA, Germany permit a non-native candidate to work in their land only if they display their English proficiency by achieving 7+ or 8+ bands. It’s a short description of the exam. Do you require more? There are the Best IELTS coaching institutes in Jalandhar. Go and take the useful guidance from their experts. 


‘Words’ IELTS Candidates Should Avoid in the IELTS Exam


  • Demerit: Most of the IELTS candidates use the word ‘Demerit’ as synonymous with the ‘Disadvantage’. It is an old-fashioned word and seldom used nowadays. When it comes to writing the longer essay in the writing task where the candidate has to present the advantages or disadvantages of something then they use the word ‘Merit’ and’ Demerit’. This is an entirely incorrect approach. The meaning of the demerit is ‘deducting marks against a total score in American English. As a consequence, this word can be the reason for confusion so it’s better to avoid it.


  • Increase: It means ‘to go up’. It is a most common and overused word. It can be used incorrectly easily. For instance: ‘Best IELTS coaching institute in Jalandhar has increased by 80 percent in the last 3 years’. This is not the right structure of the sentence. But, we can write the content as ‘Number of students in the Best IELTS coaching institute in Jalandhar has increased by 80 percent in the last 3 years.’ 


  • Individuals or humans: How to address people in the IELTS? Folks? Individuals? Human? Or Citizens? The right technique is to say ‘People’. It is good to use simple vocabulary instead of doing flaws. 


Hence, these are the few common words you must avoid to eliminate mistakes in the IELTS test. An examiner scans your answer sheet and fluency with extreme caution. 


To fulfill the dream of scoring an 8+ band you should adopt and take care of the above things. Before moving to understand the ‘commonly used phrases’, we would like to guide you to surf the Best IELTS coaching in Ludhiana if you are seeking any kind of assistance on the IELTS.  


‘Phrases’ IELTS Candidates Should Avoid in the IELTS


  • ‘In the modern era’ or ’Nowadays’: The phrases like these are overly used by the candidates in the introduction section of the essay. Many essay questions are based on the present situation so there is no need to put these types of words as ‘In the modern era’ or ’Nowadays’. Instead of using it, you can begin the answer directly or rewrite the content given in the paragraph during the writing task. 
  • ‘The essay will discuss both sides’…: This sentence seems inappropriate as it contains no information. The examiner will not be going to give you marks for it. It is better to write the answer containing factual information which directly states your opinion, justification, and relevant key figures. 
  • ‘That’s highly controversial’…: The essay questions are neither controversial or debatable. For example: Watching TV shows or playing internet games is not a controversial topic. 99 percent of writing a task essay will not control your son so please take care of it. 
  • Highly debatable: This is an overused phrase. Another major memorized common word phrase a candidate must ignore ‘with the emergence of’, Every coin has two sides, it cannot be denied, think outside the box, given 100 percent, in this regard, content is king and others. Don’t add these stereotyped words if you want to show you are good at vocabulary. 


The IELTS test is all about judging your overall performance in terms of reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Whether you are good at speaking or well trained in these 4 nodules still you have to give your legitimate certification that you are ready to adjust to the English culture. Here we have focused more on words and phrases, if you are hunting for the depth details regarding the test then take aid from Best IELTS coaching in Ludhiana.


Final Thoughts 

The above-stated words and phrases are memorized content. An examiner would not be impressed if you put it in use and also their meaning is also different when you use it with some sentences. It is quite a smart idea to fully avoid it to escape yourself from making mistakes.

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