Would Hiv be able to Kill You?

With an early conclusion and legitimate treatment, the future of an individual with HIV is close to that of somebody without the virus.1 While a HIV finding can bring up numerous issues and fears, the standpoint for patients living with HIV has improved altogether in the course of recent years.


Getting expeditious treatment for HIV brings about a generous improvement in guess. Since the year 2000, the quantity of passings from HIV has been consistently declining.


Left untreated, HIV will advance to (AIDS) in a great many people. While demise rates from AIDS have declined universally, the condition builds defenselessness to crafty contaminations—which can prompt passing. Also, there is no remedy for HIV, even with treatment. It is a constant condition that requires deep rooted illness on the board.

How Long Can You Live With HIV?

On the off chance that you are being treated for HIV with antiretroviral treatment, you can hope to live almost as long as somebody without HIV. Beginning and staying on antiretroviral prescriptions has appeared to diminish mortality and improve personal satisfaction.


Keeping up quality medical care is critical to living a long, solid existence with HIV. In the event that you have been determined to have HIV, however are not taking sufficient therapy for the sickness, it is suggested you look for clinical care.4


Individuals who take HIV medication can arrive at a viral burden that is imperceptible. At the point when the viral burden dips under 200 duplicates/milliliter (mL), it can’t be recognized with a blood test. Having a low popular burden is everything you can manage to remain sound and forestall sending the infection to other


Helps related passings have diminished all around the world by 60% since the top in 2004. In 2019, around 690,000 individuals passed on from AIDS-related diseases around the world, contrasted with 1.7 million out of 2004, and 1.1 million in 2010.5


Across the world AIDS passings have declined with the presentation of mix antiretroviral treatment (ART). In 2019, 67% surprisingly living with HIV were getting treatment. Nations in sub-Saharan Africa, which are at the focal point of the pandemic, have death rates like patients accepting ART in North America1 However, obstructions to treatment actually exist for individuals in numerous spaces of the world.5


Future for patients who are not accepting treatment drops altogether. Deferring or rejecting treatment will permit HIV to keep on harming your insusceptible framework and put you in danger for a crafty contamination that could be destructive.

Shrewd Infections

The HIV disease itself doesn’t execute you. It prompts passing by debilitating your insusceptible framework and putting you in danger of different conditions. These incorporate shrewd contaminants that can happen when the illness has advanced to AIDS. Normal conditions that create because of the insusceptible brokenness of AIDS incorporate pneumonia, tuberculosis, and certain diseases, like Kaposi sarcoma or Burkitt lymphoma.

A HIV treatment plan composed with your primary care physician is basic to endurance.


Individuals who have HIV are more inclined to artful diseases when:

  • They don’t realize they have HIV and are not on treatment
  • They realize they have HIV yet are not accepting treatment
  • They are getting treatment, yet it isn’t satisfactorily controlling their HIV.

Phases of HIV

The HIV course of events has three phases of movement. At the point when individuals with HIV don’t get treatment, they will commonly advance through these stages. With treatment, movement to organize three is undeniably more outlandish.

Stage 1: Acute HIV Infection

In the intense phase of HIV disease, you may have influenza like side effects or experience no indications by any means. During this stage, there is a lot of HIV in the blood and you are infectious.

Stage 2: Chronic HIV Infection


During the persistent HIV stage, HIV is dynamic, however you may have no side effects. You can in any case give the infection to other people.


On the off chance that you take HIV drug, you may stay in this stage inconclusively and never progress to the following stage. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you are not treated, this stage may most recent 10 years or more yet could advance quicker.

Stage 3: Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS)

Stage 3 (AIDS) is the most extreme phase of HIV. In this stage, your resistant framework is very harmed and you are more inclined to extreme sicknesses and repeating crafty diseases.


Without treatment, the average endurance rate is three years. With treatment, numerous patients can continue sound lives.

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