How to Get Trading Access to TradingView via Broker?

Do you know more than 30 million investors and traders trust TradingView for trading their favorite assets? With access to multiple indicators, charts, price alerts and much more, trading becomes smarter with TradingView. You can access its limited version for free or can choose the premium plans that offer a whole new world of possibilities for you.

There are various brokers that partner with TradingView to provide a unique and powerful trading experience to its users. If you have a trading account on such a brokerage platform like Dhan that has TradingView broker integration, you can access a premium trading experience without paying for any hefty plans.

That’s not all. There is much more you can do. Here is why and how to get trading access to TradingView via a broker.

Why Choose TradingView Broker Integration?

You can access TradingView for free and without any ads if you choose to use it via a broker. Whether you want to trade equities, futures, options, currencies or commodities using TradingView charts, you can enjoy that with broker integration.

Accessing TradingView via a trading platform refines your trading experience with exclusive features offered only by your trading platform. For example, Dhan offers real-time trading in options along with options and futures chains.

It also provides enhanced flexibility in placing orders. You can execute basket orders, instant orders and drag and drop orders. Your activities on TradingView will even be synced with your trading platform to help you keep track of your trades and improve trading.

These factors are sufficient to establish why TradingView is better with broker integration. Now let’s see how to get access to it.

How to Access TradingView Live Via Broker?

Before you start the process, remember to check whether your web trading platform supports integration with TradingView. Not all brokers have partnered with TradingView, thus ascertain the eligibility first.

1. Set Up a Broker Account

Create an account with an eligible broker or web trading platform that has a partnership with TradingView. The account creation process involves submitting basic information and identification documents for KYC. Make sure your account is verified before you move to the next step. If you are already registered to such a platform, you can skip this step.

2. Create a TradingView Account

Head over to the TradingView website and create an account. This should not take more than a few minutes as you can start with your Google or Facebook account. Once your account is verified, log in to it.

3. Connect Both Accounts

After logging in, select the ‘Trading Panel’ tab. Then click on the logo or name of your broker. This step connects your broker account to TradingView. However, you must authorize the connection. You will receive a dedicated screen with a button to approve access. Click on it to authorize.

4. Start Trading

After a successful connection is established, you can start trading on TradingView live with your broker account. You can begin trading even if your application is pending using a demo TradingView account and test the waters.

If you prefer a simpler process, exceptional brokers like Dhan allow direct integration with TradingView through a simple KYC process.


Traders and investors can enjoy access to a variety of premium features on TradingView by accessing it via a broker. You can connect a supported broker with TradingView in a few simple steps. Dhan provides quick registration and a powerful combination of trading features with TradingView for free.


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